Project Description

Spectrum Computers

About This Project

Spectrum Technology Solutions was made to be a one page website describing everything the company offers and does. The website matched the color scheme of the logo and brand.

Some of the steps we took to finish this website included:

  • Creating a wireframe

  • Designing and developing the website

  • Publishing the website


The wireframe was created to effectively communicate what the website would look like after development. Because Spectrum Technology Services was very text based, the text was balanced out with images and full-width sections.


The final website consisted of multiple different full color or full picture sections paired with information about the services offered. The website also features a contact form for viewers to fill out and submit to get in touch.


Spectrum Technology Services now has a website that perfectly matches their needs. Because their website works as a brief overview of the services they offer, a one page site contains all the information. Spectrum Technology Services is live at

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