Project Description

Solutions of Change

About This Project

Solutions of Change is the non-profit corporation complimentary to the Mingo Health Services brand. Their purpose is to help everyone through all stages of life from childhood to adulthood, identify, learn and apply solutions to assist in building better self-sufficiency skills. We were tasked to create a logo that would brand the non-profit and the website.

Initial Designs

The first few designs of the Solutions of Change logo utilized the key element from the MHS design. However, the client wanted Solutions of Change to be seen as a separate identity than the main company.

First Variation

The first variation of logos after the initial feedback uses the new color scheme and a variety of different brand elements. The client liked the idea of a puzzle piece, but wanted to see it involved with a symbol that represented mental health.

Final Vectors

The final logo is presented in three different layouts for different applications. The identifying brand element was a light bulb made out of a head and a design that created a brain.


The client was very pleased with the final Solutions of Change logo, as it represents the tone and the morals of the brand. This is essential, as Solutions of Changes hosts the Healing to Health Summit and needs to be trustworthy and credible.

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