Project Description

Snafu Comics

About This Project

SNAFU Comics was a big project, as we had to figure out a way to make a comic website look more modern while still retaining the brand and easy of access to different parts of the website. The process we went through to redesign this website included:

  • Creating a wireframe

  • Mocking up the website


We started out by creating a wireframe to present to the client. A wireframe helps show the most important parts of the structure of a website, but has no real content. In this case, a wireframe of the home page was created.


To better help the client visualize what the website will look like after it’s redesigned, we created a mockup using the exact colors we would use and the photos from the current live website. This is basically a look into the future designed website.


With the mockup created, it is easier for the client to imagine their finished website. Additionally, it can help as we modify a theme and the design to match what we envisioned in the first place.

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