Project Description

Patch Daily

About This Project

The Patch Daily site was designed to be an easy to use e-commerce website. The site incorporated the company’s color scheme, and used photos to help illustrate the healthy lifestyle it promotes.

Some of the features of this website include:

  • A Subscription Option

  • Easy to Navigate interface

  • Large photos on product pages

Style Tile

A total of 4 style tiles were developed to help the client choose what color scheme and general design feeling they liked the most. Patch Daily chose to go with the same color scheme their logo used to help keep the website cohesive.

Product Page

The product page consists of a large photo gallery, a short description, and the basic shop features. Further down the page, there is also an option to leave reviews, view similar products, and a section dedicated to teaching the correct way to apply the patch.

Final Website

Overall, Patch Daily’s website successfully represents what the product is as well as the company’s values. The blue and green color scheme further emphasizes the importance of a natural product while it also establishes a sense of trust.

See this website live at

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