Project Description

Patch Daily

About This Project

This was a big project done for Patch Daily, a vitamin patch company. Patch Daily wanted to have a package and website design that was friendly, approachable, and reflects the natural aspects of the brand.

The steps of this project included:

  • Package Design

  • Product Photography

  • Website Design and Development

Initial Designs

These were a few of the many designs that were first created to present to the client. These designs has too much color and a lack of cohesion when it came to the different color schemes for different types of product.

Final Design

The final design was created to work easily with the different colors chosen for different products. The final design also showcased the actual patch as well as different icons depending on what the particular patch was used for.

Product Photography

The final part of this project was to take photos of the printed products. All photos were taken by Candy V Designs, and were placed upon a white background to help the colors pop even more.

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