Project Description

Momokun Logo

About This Project

For this particular logo, the client requested it to be simple, bright, and in kanji. With those instructions, multiple variations were made to see which best suited the client’s preferences.

Font Choices

A handful of fonts were chosen to first decide what the general feeling of the logo would be. It was important to view the different fonts next to each other to see how they differed in shape and feeling.

Initial Designs

Two different types of designs were created: A horizontal one and a mark similar to Japanese seals typically used as an alternative to a signature.

Momokun's New Logo Concepts
Momokun Cosplay logo and branding Las Vegas

Final Logo

The client’s favorite logo was a simple horizontal one, as it had the bubbly feel they requested and the bright pink color scheme. It matched everything the client had requested and was selected as the final.

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