Project Description

MHS Behavioral Suicide Prevention Shirt

About This Project

This shirt was designed to be worn by those attending MHS Behavioral’s Suicide Prevention Walk. It incorporates the purple and gold color scheme of MHS, but also includes the colors of the suicide prevention ribbon.

Initial Designs

There were three initial designs for the shirt, all using the colors of the suicide prevention ribbon as the main color scheme. One centered on a prevalent walking element, another showed unity between people, and the third showed the ribbon overlaying a boxed design.

Final Design

The final design chosen was the design that had a path lined with trees. It better suited the event that the shirt would be worn at, and incorporates more gold to keep MHS’ identity. On the back of the shirt, an inspirational quote is paired with the hashtag “#BeingTheChange,” further promoting MHS’ values and goal of this event.


The final design was mocked up on a purple shirt to show how it would look printed. This helps the client visualize the physical project and placement of the design before it heads to print.


The final design was printed for those attending the MHS Behavioral Suicide Prevention Walk, and is currently available for purchase on their website, By using three colors as the color scheme, MHS’ brand remains prevalent alongside the suicide awareness colors.

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