Project Description

MHS Behavioral Services Branding

About This Project

We have completed many flyers and postcards for the different needs of MHS Behavioral Services. Keeping MHS on brand is essential to having consistent communications.

Monte Vista Poster

This poster was created with the intention of being posted in Monte Vista Hospital to raise awareness of MHS Behavioral Services and the services they offer. It helps raise awareness about the good things they offer.

Autism Postcard

This postcard for MHS was created to promote the Autism ABA services that are offered. It matches the branding while still effectively promoting.

T-Shirt Designs

We have created multiple t-shirt designs for MHS for Autism Awareness and for Suicide Awareness. The suicide awareness shirt is available for purchase on the MHS website.

Suicide Prevention Flyer

This flyer promotes the Suicide Prevention event that MHS holds every year. It helps viewers and participants know when the events take place and how they can be a part of it.

The Mindset of Success Flyer

This flyer was created for one of MHS Behavioral Services’ many events. They wanted to display the featured guests in a way that was balanced with the content of the flyer.


Every promotional piece of MHS Behavioral plays an important role in communicating the values and tone of the brand. Our client has appreciated our ability to keep the branding consistent, as the branded items have proven effective.

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