Project Description

LVL Up Expo Car Wrap

About This Project

We were hired by LVL Up Expo to create an anime/video game car wrap for their 2017 Convention. The characters outlines of different games were drawn out and then painted to have an eerie effect to fully match the theme of flames and skulls created for this classic ride.

The process of pieces of this project includes:

  • Exact measurements for final wrap design

  • Images for mockup of final design

  • Full wrap installation

Additional Features

Along with screens on the back, a decked out DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution) pad on the back and accessibility to connect all your gaming consoles. You can even stream yourself while driving in this baby! This beautiful classic ride was featured at their convention in Las Vegas May 2017.


This car was on display at the Lvl Up Expo convention in May 2017 as an attraction that many people took the time to view and enjoy.  Since then, this artwork has appeared on Episode 13 of Counting Cars on the History Channel.

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