Project Description

LVL Up Expo Pamphlet

About This Project

This pamphlet was made for the 2019 LVL Up Expo convention. As a guide, it includes important information relevant to the convention that any attendees may need.

Special Guests

The Special Guests pages feature a three-column layout. The guest biographies are paired with their name in a clear font and a picture of them.

Main Events

The Main Event spread is a two-column layout including pictures of the past year’s event and a description. The time of the event is also listed for easy access to information.

Panel Schedule

The Panel Schedule is split off by days and color-coded according to the panel room that the event takes place in. A description and time of event accompanies the title.

Map Layout

The LVL Up Expo map was designed to look like popular battle royale games’ maps. By incorporating a topographical style and splitting the map into different grid sections, it fits the video game theme of the convention while properly presenting the layout of the convention floor.


The LVL Up Expo pamphlet was received by every single attendee at the convention. It effectively provided the information attendees would need to know at any moment in an easy, digestible format. The theme of the convention was also prevalent across all promotional media.

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