Project Description

Health and Vida

Health and Vida's logo mock-up.

About This Project

The branding for Health and Vida was developed to be a representation of the uniqueness that each individual possesses and ability to become more. By using symbolism in the use of 3 trees, it embodies a biblical story that represents our true light of trust in the world. Using empty space to create “giving hands” is seen as a physical manifestation that exists between the universe and the physical body.

Some of the steps involved in finishing this project include:

  • Creating sketches

  • Black and white vectors

  • Branding Guideline

  • Final vectors


Connecting both symbols, they illustrate the importance of expanding our health with physical and inner exercise for maintaining balance. The forest earthy green is meant to represent the renewal and continual growth of physical energy while the use of the mauve relates to the spiritual parts of the body. Together, both colors and surrounding colors are suggestive of the release of physical and mental blockage to become a stronger inner and outer self.

Mug Design

Our client wanted a gift that she could present to her clients or friends whenever the occasion was given. We suggested a nice mug as a memorable and durable marketing item. Using the tree element in her brand as the main focus and overlapping the logotype, we were able to create a design that stands out and creates a long-lasting impression.

Business Cards

The business cards were designed to be very clean and printed on natural cardstock for a natural feeling when holding them. It is very important for us to use a paper that is suitable for the design so that it translates properly when printed.


Health and Vida can now proudly display their new brand through their social media and any branded material they create. This creates business rapport and establishes them as a professional brand.

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