Project Description


About This Project

The Gelatology logo was developed to show the connection between science and delicious, never before seen flavors. The logo consists of a colorful atom placed on top of a gelato cone and a playful face made within the type that looks towards it.

Some of the things we’ve created for this brand include:

  • Website Services

  • Business Cards and Flyers

  • Stickers and Custom Cups

Business Card Design

The original business card design was branded with Gelatology’s signature orange with a scientific background. This pointed back to the reason why Gelatology has the name it does and the science of good flavors. The design is playful and colorful just like the logo.

Sticker Design

This sticker was created to be placed on gelato cups, tubs, and to-go bags. The colorful design stands out against the plain colored cups and has another playful dessert design.

Custom Gelato Cups

These custom gelato cups were designed to give the old, plain white gelato cups an upgrade. Each size had the same design but in a different color to signify the difference in cost and size. The cups are colorful and call for attention from the viewer, giving the gelato a more personalized feeling.


Gelatology has a strong brand that can and has been applied to different promotional media like flyers, posters, business cards, cups, stickers, and more. The iconic atom in the logo can be recognized anywhere and has helped grow customer loyalty and interest.

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