Project Description

Frontier Trucking

About This Project

This logo was created for a trucking company, Frontier Trucking. As an inherited business, the client requested that we keep the cactus from the old logo and incorporate it into a more modern design that stands out from competitors.

Initial Designs

The initial designs included different western-style fonts and different cacti designs and were presented to the client as different options. The client liked the font style, but wished to keep the original cactus to pay homage to the past owner of the company.

Final Vectors

This final design of the logo includes the original cactus design, a western-style font, and a section that shows when the company was established. The text in contained in a shape resembling saloon doors, further pushing the western theme.


The final logo fits the clients requests, as it still pays tribute to the old logo but acts as a modern take. The logo stands out compared to the other Nevada trucking competitors and can be applied to different media accordingly.

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