Project Description

ERS Tennis

About This Project

ERS Tennis is a new, remodeled version of an older site, Ojakian Tennis. The client wanted the new site to match the rebranding of the identity that had a more modern feeling to it and was less contained.

Some features of this website include:

  • Facilities Pages

  • Application Form

  • Separate Pages for different Programs

Home Page

The home page features a large slider, separate sections leading to different pages of the website, and a link to the contact page. It also features photos from ERS Tennis events to capture the attention of the viewer.

Inner Page Example – Facilities

The facilities page links out to the different facilities that ERS Tennis manages, and links to the respective pages that have information about the programs each place offers. Programs are specific to the facility chosen.


The new website for ERS Tennis has an easy interface that any visitor can navigate. The website has many features to it, but the new design breaks it down so it is easier to understand. The website will be live at

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