Project Description

Dragonfly Portrait Design

About This Project

Dragonfly Portrait Design is a website to display a client’s photography services and examples of their past work. The website incorporates a green color scheme and an easy to navigate interface for any prospective customers to find what they need.

Some of the features of this website include:

  • Link to Smugmug

  • Separate pages for different categories

  • Easy to Use Contact Form

Home Page

The homepage of Dragonfly PD is a very simple design with photos linking to the different categories on the website. The client requested that the homepage be simple and free of distractions, so the user can choose the category they came to the website for.

Inner Page

The page shown here is the Other Work page, which shows examples of family photography, product photography, and other shoots the client offers. There is also an outgoing link that brings the user to a separate page about Family Photography information.


Overall, the website suits the clients needs of having a balance between images of past work and information on how to schedule a photo shoot. It is easy to navigate, and perfectly suits the needs of visitors of the site. This website is currently live at

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