Project Description

Bryan Zane Terry

About This Project

We were contacted by a client to create a logo that includes his initials and reflects the values of his company. We wanted to keep the design clean and professional while still including colors of the client’s choice to make the design stand out.

Initial Designs

Our initial designs were created with the idea of connecting the letters “BZT” in different ways. Upon seeing the drafts, the client requested to see more ideas including the shield, as it really spoke to the trustworthy feeling of his business.

Shield Variations

The shield was made to be paired with some sort of leaf design, so we created multiple variations based on the laurel to determine how much leaves and green the client wanted.


After deciding on a final leaf, shield, and initials design, we moved on to the handling of the type. The client provided us with all the text he wanted to see on the logo, so we laid it out in different ways with different types of capitalization.

Final Vectors

The final design includes blue and gold in the shield, the leaf design placed behind, and the text which can be placed either vertically or horizontally according to the application.

Business Cards

We also applied the logo and brand elements to a business card design for our client and his employees, using the shield on the backside to fill white space and add to the design.


Overall, the client was very happy with the final result as it was exactly what he envisioned. The shield and the leaf design represents the trustworthiness that is essential to communicating the client’s brand, and the colors create a sense of loyalty as well.

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