Project Description

Beyond Vita

About This Project

Beyond Vita is an all natural vitamin and supplement company, and we were tasked with creating a logo and overall brand. The client liked the idea of black and green, so we used those colors to develop the brand.

The Sketches

We started off with a variety of sketches that went in many different directions to help get our ideas all out at once. From here, we could narrow down the options and only develop a handful.

Initial Vectors

The initial vectors were based off of an all-natural brand and the idea of “beyond.” After receiving client feedback, we decided to take a different, more simple approach.

Final Vectors

We created both primary and secondary logos for Beyond Vita depending on the application where they will be used. The logos are simple with a bold font and a green accent color.

Business Cards

The green color is important to the Beyond Vita brand, so we created a business card mockup to show how the logos and brand elements would appear in real use. The back of the card features an abstract leaf design that contrasts and compliments the simplicity of the brand.


Overall, the client was pleased with the results and enjoyed the simplicity of the logo. The brand was easy to understand and identify in different uses, and stood out amongst its competitors.

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