Project Description

Advance Office Car Wraps – 2020

About This Project

Advance Office, a returning client, contacted us to create new car wraps for three different vehicles. We worked with the client’s budget to create something they could afford but still loved. The process we went through to create the wraps included:

  • Creating the artwork

  • Mocking up the design

  • Contacting the wrap company and starting production

Artwork Designs

The first variation of the car wrap designs included a swoop to add color while still keeping the design a partial wrap to stay within budget. The client liked the initial design, and only wanted to change a few minor details.


As we got closer to final approval, we sent the clients mockups of what the design would look like applied to the actual vehicles. This helps visualize what the final product would look like, allowing the client to send us even more detailed changes about what they did and didn’t like.


The client has now had all three vehicles wrapped and is satisfied with the results. The photos included on the vehicles helps people passing by to get an idea of what Advance Office sells, and brings the design together.

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