Project Description

Active Performance

About This Project

Active Performance is a performance grade body adhesive that is made for anyone to use: specifically athletes, actors, cheerleaders, drag performers, and gymnasts. The goal of this project was to create a logo with a flexible identity that could change colors or layout according to the type of bottle it is placed on.

The Sketches

Many sketches were made in the beginning stage of developing the logo, which helped determine what direction and overall tone the logo should take on.

Black and White Vectors

These initial designs were based on the idea of creating an emblem of sorts that focuses mainly on the initials of the company. However, the client wanted the whole name of the company to be visible instead of the initials.

Final Logo

The final logo includes the expanded text and two icons: the star and the film strip visible in the ‘E.’ When applied to different bottle designs, the star containing the ‘A’ can change colors without altering the overall look of the logo too much.

Label Designs

These label designs were designed to be printed on a semi-translucent label that would be placed on a white bottle. The copy is included in a simple, readable font, and placed on top of a gradient dot design.

Bottle Mockups

We placed the label onto bottle mockups to help the client visualize how the final product would look. This helps in deciding if the layout of the label is correct or needs changes, and also helps the client decide if they like the design and brand as a whole.


The client was very pleased with the final logo and label designs, and believes that they effectively give Active Performance a high-end yet approachable look. The logo is easy to apply to different sub-categories.

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