An email signature is something, often overlooked by business owners. Are you currently emailing clients without one, did you know you could be damaging your credibility? Your website, logo, branded social media graphics and the rest of your online elements match right? So why shouldn’t your email signature?

Think of your email signature as the last piece of your online reputation that you need to take care of. Your signature includes crucial business information making it a simple process for your clients/potential clients to contact you.

The following elements are crucial when setting up your new email signature to ensure it looks professional and on point with your branding:

1. First and Last Name

Many people think including only their first name is enough, but it’s not-it’s very unprofessional, period. You’re not writing emails to your college friend, or social contact, you’re writing emails to other business owners/upper level managers.

2. Job Title

Including your job title allows the person you are communicating with to know who they are dealing with. Understanding your position will help clients/potential clients determine if you are the right fit for what they need assistance with.

3. Company Name

This one is a no brainer and it’s always better to include your logo instead of the company name typed out. The logo allows your brand to be seen, in full colour, for what it is.

4. Telephone Number

You should always include the main number that you can be reached on or your direct line. If you work in a business that has the capabilities to work with clients internationally, you should always include your country prefix so you can be easily reached.

5. Email Address

This may seem redundant, however, it’s not. Sure, people can hit reply to respond back to you but many clients like to save email addresses into their contacts and this makes it easy for them to do so.

6. Website

Add a link to your company’s website to increase traffic to your website. The more traffic you get, the better off your company will be. Just think about it-how many emails do you send per day? And imagine if even a quarter of them drew in additional leads!

7. A Disclaimer

With the ever changing global regulations, it’s always best to include a disclaimer in your signature. Depending on the countries you operate in, it may or may not be law so be sure to stay on top of the legislation. 

There are always additional items you can include including links to your calendar with openings to book calls with you, social media links, promotional banners, and headshots. 

Since business is always changing and expanding, I also found a much quicker solution to this problem. Most of our clients have custom coded signatures that will work with any email, but sometimes they need a much quicker solution. Introducing our friends at Wisestamp. Using their free version, you can create your own signature. The only downside is that the free version, adds a small business link to your email signature which doesn’t look professional at all. But for only $4 a month you are able to save your signature to be used for future use. 

The nice thing about your email signature is that once it’s created, it’s simple to maintain and update as you go. If you’re in need of an update to your branding to give your email signature a finished and professional look, Candy V Designs can help! Mention this blog post and we’ll design a custom email signature for a flat $15 fee.