So if you’re anything like me, you absolutely love trying new FREE programs that actually work. Vector graphics are my absolute favorite to create, and I just found some awesome programs that you can use to get started on any of your iOS devices. Adobe Illustrator will always have my heart, but I love trying new things.

And so what are vector graphics and why do I love them so much? They are graphics made up of points, lines, curves, and shapes that are based on mathematical formulas. Think of basic shapes- squares, circles, etc. When you scale a vector image file, it isn’t low resolution so therefore there is no loss in quality. ALL logos should always be created in this type of format so anyone who has access to it, will be able to scale to any size without any loss of pixels.

  1. The first program I like is Vectr, and the reason I like it is that there are no downloads required. As of now, their program is completely free of charge for you to start turning your vector graphics into reality. It’s also heavily geared towards layout and even product design!
  2. My next favorite was created through the good people over at WeTransfer and it is called Paper. It is a simple sketching app you can download on your iPad! It’s great if you love taking notes, but it’s not extremely flexible, as there are some drawbacks, but it’s free to download as long as you have an iOS device.
  3. Assembly is another cool vector app, that does things a little differently, it is able to build illustrations out of shapes. So if you’re someone who thinks they can’t draw at all, this app is definitely for you to try out!
  4. And my absolute top favorite free vector tool is Vectornator. It is a newer tool, but it does so much than just simple illustration. The tools provided allow you to create any type of illustration work.  It does a lot really well, all free of charge! Try it out for yourself and thank me later!