All of our websites are exclusively created in WordPress. Depending on the client’s needs, we are also well versed in Shopify. All of our websites are designed to be minimal, modern and come standard with built-in SEO, powerful analytics, Mobile and Tablet Optimization and SSL certificates. Monthly hosting and maintenance start at $50 per month.

We offer three tiers of website packages. Completely custom quotes are available upon request.

On-going Design Support

Now that you have a delectable website and brand, how exactly do you use it? We are there every step of the way to guide you on how to best utilize the tools that you’ve been provided.

Since everyone is a different stages of their business, we have 3 custom packages for them to choose from:

On Call Design Services

Do you already have an established brand and need a project done in that particular style? We can help flourishing businesses by taking their existing brand and maintain their identity for design projects that may pop-up. This is for the person or business who is not quite ready to hire a full or part time designer for ongoing work. We help you tackle all the pieces of your brand to stay consistent and cohesive! Think of us as the backbone to your company that keeps everything staying sweet.

Here’s how it works:

Pick your type of project, whether it’s print or digital, and answer our short questionnaire regarding your job. When a request has been submitted, you will be contacted with an estimate and any additional questions. Once a deposit has been paid, we start to create a sweet masterpiece for your brand. You can send in project as needed rather than dread sending over consistent work.

The Candy V Designs team is here to help you take one day a time and be the technical guru behind your brand.

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