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Candy Villalta

Candy Villalta
Creative Director
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Candy Villalta (Candy V.) is all about higher quality design standards. For over a decade, she has been immersed in the study and application of Graphic and Web Design. Detailed, creative and precise, she has unique creative expertise in Branding, Graphics, Web Design, Drawing, Painting, Photography and Vector Art.

Felix Ghirlando

Felix Ghirlando
Lead Web Developer

Felix Ghirlando is Candy V Designs’ Lead Web Developer. With his experience in WordPress, Joomla and Shopify content management systems, he can deliver the sweet site you are looking for. When he is not creating the site of your dreams, he is studying at UNLV, or working on a new project for his website.

Amanda Galvan

Amanda Galvan
Graphic Designer

Amanda Galvan is Candy V Designs Graphic and Front-End Designer. She’s in charge of anything that involves creativity and brains. When she’s not working, you can find her playing with her sweet pups.

Our Design Process


The Right Tools. The Right Solution. With plenty of experience to know which program to use for exactly the right project. You can call, text, or email us because communication is key to making sure your graphic or web design project is the best it can be.

  • Client Brief

    Step 1

    The first and one of the most important steps in our process. While other companies are eager to jump the gun and start designing, we take the time to understand you and your company’s image and brand. Depending on your needs we meet face-to-face, emailed questionnaire or use video conference software. The goal is to…

  • Planning

    Step 2

    We determine what is necessary to meet your needs and send over a project contract and timeline of deliverables. We take the time to explain early on explain our process and what can be expected.

  • Execute

    Step 3

    This is the stage when we are working to craft your marketing materials and send drafts and wireframes over for review. This ensures there are no surprises when the final product is revealed. During this process, we have weekly check-ins and can provide progress with the clients.

  • Delivery

    Step 4

    The most rewarding part of our process where we pass along our deliverables to a satisfied client. As always all graphics, website designs and branding material contracted by Candy V Designs, is owned by the client upon delivery and payment.

The Story Behind The Brand

You and I are alike in a lot of ways.

How so?  

Like myself, you have a vision of what it is you want to create. You’re always looking to improve, move into your untapped potential, and accomplish something greater. And like you, life has been my greatest teacher.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from my own life experiences, it’s that with a combination of perseverance and the right guides to learn from, anything and everything becomes possible.

If you want something badly enough, there is always a way to move forward. It may take more time than anticipated, but the only way to truly fail is to sit down and give up.

Let me share with you more about my story.

When I was eight years old, my family and I moved from El Salvador to Las Vegas, NV. At the time, my English was limited and my fourth-grade teacher had placed me into an ESL class. I wasn’t happy because I felt isolated from the other children. From an early age, I understood what it meant to be driven and I was able to vastly expand my English vocabulary within sixty days. I watched cartoons in English with my younger brother and memorized as much as I could.

Growing up, most of my free time was spent expressing myself through web design, graphic design projects, and blogging. My blogs consisted of life stories and various interests. Being a teenager in the 90s, I was enamored by NSYNC and even created and operated a fansite for them.

Web design and blogging was my creative outlet and I felt most like myself when I was doing it.

During high school, attending A-Tech Academy for graphic design, I was the Art Editor for both my junior and senior years. In my senior year, I was able to put everything together from start to finish, managing everyone who worked together.

After graduation, I found myself at a roadblock. I was eager to attend a private college, but was unable to, as I was not yet a US citizen. This landed me at the Art Institute, where I continued to pursue graphic and web design. During my first year of college, while away from home, I found out via phone call that my home had burned down. I took a break from school to mend my life back together and moved forward with finishing my degree at the International Academy of Design and Technology.

All was going well for me at this time, as I had landed a job working for a website company and was in the process of obtaining my US citizenship.

During my last year of college, I became pregnant with twins. I developed many complications throughout my pregnancy, one including Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, and I ended up giving birth at only six months gestation.

My son Adam was born with necrosis on the lower part of his left leg, which meant that the cells below his knee were dead. I was told that in order to save him, they’d have to amputate his leg and he spent the following three months recovering in the hospital.

My other son, Anthony, was born weighing only 1lb, 4oz. He stayed in the NICU for five months, and I traveled to and from the hospital until he was discharged. When he came home, he was on Oxygen, was fed with a g-tube, and I was told he’d face a lifetime of seizures and a probable diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Over time, I was able to wean him off seizure medication, supplemental oxygen, and his g-tube.

While my life was in the midst of an upheaval during the birth and recovery of my twins, I was still attending school online and at night, refusing to give up on my aspirations and bigger vision.

When Adam was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at six months old, I knew it was time to make some major life changes so that I could care and be there for my son. He was my inspiration to start my own business- Candy V Designs, so I could work alongside raising a special needs child.

I believe that perseverance and endless desire can turn any vision to fruition.  If you have an idea, a dream, something in you to create, you can make it happen.

When you succeed in seeing this idea through, we’ve done our job.

Being relentless in pursuit of what you want is necessary for success, but having a team to listen, understand, and guide you toward that vision makes getting there that much faster.

If you’re ready to create something real and sustainable, I’m here to help you get started.

I’d love for you to tell me about yourself.

Branding & Graphics

Our specialty is bringing a sweet vision to any brand with higher standards and those who want to take their business to the top! Contact us when you are ready and we will be happy to help you.

Website Design

A website is more than just a pretty design, it is more often the first impression of your business. We make it extra sweet by combining good development + branding.

Marketing & Social Media

Brand awareness through Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Paid-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. We make sure that your clients can find you!

Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

We have been there and know what it’s like starting out. We can guide you every step of the way and lead you on the right path. Let us help you through it all!

Client Testimonials

  • Stephani Ortiz
    Stephani Ortiz
    19:39 04 May 17
    I have known Candy since high school and have collaborative with her on several projects. She is super creative with amazing ideas. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!
    Glynda Rhodes
    Glynda Rhodes
    18:23 02 Feb 17
    Stephen Donaldson
    Stephen Donaldson
    12:46 23 Dec 16
    I recently hired Candy for a design project for my law firm. She really is everything you want in a service provider: prompt response times, professional attitude, reasonable fees, and terrific designs. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend her services.
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