Meet The Team

Photo of Candy V.

Candy Villalta

Creative Director

Candy Villalta (Candy V.) is all about higher quality design standards. For over a decade, she has been immersed in the study and application of Graphic and Web Design. Detailed, creative and precise, she has unique creative expertise in Branding, Graphics, Web Design, Drawing, Painting, Photography and Vector Art.

Photo of Amanda the Graphic Designer.

Amanda Galvan

Graphic Designer

Amanda is Candy V Designs Graphic and Front-End Designer who specializes in creating delicious graphics that always leave our clients feeling satisfied. When she’s not creating digital masterpieces, you can find her working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at UNLV or creating digital art.

Our Design Process

Our mission is to harness creativity into a money-making solution.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution. With plenty of experience to know which program to use for exactly the right project. You can call, text, or email us because communication is key to making sure your graphic or web design project is the best it can be.

The Sweet Story Behind Candy V. Designs

People often ask me where I got my passion, drive and determination from.

The short answer? I was born with it.

Moving from El Salvador to Las Vegas as a young child was the first major challenge that I remember facing. I was eight years old, and knew that my limited English was keeping me from making friends with other kids. Cartoons were my saving grace back then, and I soaked up every single syllable of English that I could watching them. Within two months, my English had improved tremendously!

As I got older, I discovered the wonders of the Internet and used it as an outlet for some good old self-expression. I found myself blogging, creating graphics and learning how to design websites. (Full disclosure – I was a hardcore *NSYNC fan and designed my very own *NSYNC fansite. It was rad. Seriously.)

In high school, I attended a technical academy and studied graphic design. After earning a leadership role as Art Editor my Junior and Senior years, I realized that not only did I have a passion for design, but I was also very, very good.

I knew then that I wanted to get serious and turn it into a career.

My passion for design grew even more in college, where I double-majored in both website and graphic design.

During my Senior year of college, I became pregnant with twin boys. I developed many complications during my pregnancy, and gave birth to my boys at six months gestation.

My son, Adam, was born with necrosis on his lower left leg, leaving the cells below his knee completely dead. I order to save his life, and to stop the necrosis from spreading, he would need to have his leg amputated.

My other son, Anthony, was born weighing 1lb 4oz., and was required to stay in the NICU for five months. I was thrilled when I finally got to bring him home. He was on oxygen, required a g-tube for feeding and I was told by the doctors that he would likely face a lifetime of seizures and a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Throughout this physically and emotionally draining time, I was still attending school online and refusing to give up on my dreams. I knew, more than ever, that I need to stay focused on my dreams to build a solid future for me and my boys.

I also knew that I wanted to build that dream on my terms. To be in control of my own working hours. To have the ability to be there for my boys when they needed me. To run my own business.

And, that’s when Candy V. Designs was born.

When I first started Candy V. Designs, it was one hundred percent me. I created, designed and managed every project that came my way. I loved every single second of it, but also knew that I needed to find an amazing, talented, driven individual to help me not only grow the business, but also to help free me up so that I could spend more time with my boys.

I was incredibly lucky to find not just one phenomenal individual to bring into the business, but I found two – Felix and Amanda.

Lead Web Developer is a title that sounds a little bland for what Felix actually does. I should seriously think of changing it to Confectioner of Sweet Sites, or something equally as fitting. Felix is an expert-level WordPress, Joomla and Shopify developer, and a huge asset to the team. Outside of Candy V. Designs, you can find Felix crunching numbers to finish up his Accounting degree.

Amanda is our resident Graphic and Front-End Designer, who specializes in creating delicious graphics that always leave our clients feeling satisfied. When she’s not creating digital masterpieces, you can find her working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing Management or playing in tournaments with her collegiate Overwatch team.

I seriously love going to work each and every day.

I love my team.

I love my clients.

But, most of all, I love that I have the ability to give business owners the tools that they need to do exactly what I did – build a thriving business and achieve their wildest dreams.

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